TESLA long-term Maintenance

The Tesla owner's manual and the tesla website contain information for the maintenance of your Tesla vehicle. Parts that need to be serviced are tires, brakes, air filters, brake fluid, and AC bags. below are tips found among the tesla community that is more conservative.

  • Replace the AC Filter every 1 year or every summer, driving in the UAE accumulates of a lot of dust in the filter. You can also do this easily by yourself by checking the instructions on youtube.

  • Make sure to set AC to interior re-circulation

  • Set Cabin overheat protection to NO-AC & always park the car in the shade

  • Always stay plugged in by a 3-pin socket - don't abandon your car at any public charger

  • Make sure to use the brakes every once in a while, as the brakes can accumulate moisture and start getting rusted fast when humidity is high. do ride the brakes every once in a while to remove this moisture and prevent early replacement.

  • Rotate tires every 10000Km - Only go to branded tire shops, you want only professionals to touch your car.

  • Use supercharging as little as possible, as the car battery will degrade faster. This is already evidenced by the high usage of tesla superchargers. As stated above always use 3-pin home charging.

  • if you notice your car going off-track or is not straight, you will need a wheel alignment, the alignment is required if you had gone too fast over bumps or holes. Only the TESLA service center can align your car.

  • Drive safely as TESLA parts from the factory take over a month to reach Dubai and then takes another few weeks for the service center to repair your car.

  • Avoid frequent rapid launches/accelerations - The rear tires deplete very fast compared to the ICE cars because of the instant torque

  • Avoid spending on accessories that do not add value to your car - this is a general money-saving tip because your car keeps depreciating every year and any non-valuable accessory would just increase your losses.

Comment below if you have more questions! We are here to help

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