Supercharging & Destination Charging

Superchargers & destination chargers are located all across U.A.E, But they should be only used in particular use case scenarios. Superchargers - To use if 1. TESLA trip planners require it 2. Emergency top up

Mall/destination/public chargers - To use when 1. Cannot reach home with at least 20% charge 2.Emergency top-up 3.Superchargers not working

These chargers are NOT "PETROL PUMPS" and are NOT supposed to be used like "petrol pumps"

The only petrol pump is your home charger

Supercharger Habits

  • Charge only 80% and leave the charger as soon as it's charged. Charging slows down after 80% charge and starts rapidly degrading the battery. The supercharger network in UAE is made such that the distance between each charger is only 70% state of charge, so theoretically this means you would never need more than 70% charge when being in the radius of Tesla superchargers.

  • DONT CHARGE TO 100%: Even if you have an LFP Battery, The Tesla Superchargers need to be available for all tesla friends, charging rapidly slows down after 80% and this wastes a lot of time for you and other tesla friends

  • Use alternate charging stations- Similarly numbered chargers are paired to the same power source ie. the same circuit. Example: Chargers 1A and 1B are from the same power source, therefore charging speed will be split equally among 2 charging cars, whereas 2A will have a different power source. if available, use different numbered charging stations for faster charging, ie if 1A is occupied, use 2a or 2b.

  • Abandoning your car at the supercharger can incur extra fees and can also result in Elon musk Software-locking your car to never supercharge again.

Mall/Destination Charger habits:

  • Only use these if you cannot reach home with a 20% charge and always charge to 80% or less to ensure reach home with 20% or more charge.

  • DO NOT ABANDON YOUR CAR AT ANY PUBLIC CHARGER. This will incur a 1000 AED fine in addition to upsetting a lot of other TESLA friends!

Comment below to let us know if there are additional tips that you can offer to the community. thanks for reading.

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