How to achieve more in 1 Hour than People Achieve in a Day.

Updated: Oct 8

In 2020, Coronavirus had taken over the world, and little did we know that our work would change forever. Long 12-hour work shifts became the standard as companies tried to squeeze every little productivity they could from us. Some of us, unfortunately, lost jobs, and the lucky ones found new ones. The workplace in 2021 has become dynamic and more competitive than ever, which requires us to be more efficient, and more productive.

Many of us are constantly busy and never get anything done. We struggle with feeling overwhelmed by the number of tasks we have to complete in a day, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

This is a common problem for us who work in a competitive and fast-paced environment. Simple phycological techniques can trick your mind into becoming more productive and working fewer hours than what you were employed for.

In this blog post, we will explore a very simple technique consisting of 5 steps, that helps achieve more in 1 hour than what many people would in 1 day.

Step 1 – Watch Something Funny for 15 minutes.

The first step is to watch something funny or a joke that would make you laugh. Idea is to get yourself into a positive and happy mood before you start the next 45 minutes. This step also works when you are finding it difficult to concentrate on work. Make sure to spend no more than 15 minutes, as this will be sufficient for that energy boost you need to start working.

Step 2 – Turn of all distractions

Turn off your phone or ensure your phone can never disturb you. Hide all electronics, except the ones you need for the task at hand. Refuse when colleagues distract you; let them know you will return to them later. It is not possible to concentrate on work when there are constant distractions and notifications; therefore they must completely be turned off.

Step 3 – Start working 45 min straight on one task/workflow.

  • Use Rapex noise headphones: Activate noise reduction and play music, not music that has lyrics but music that has musicals only. You can find multiple "work music" playlists on youtube. This "work music" stimulates alertness and productivity in your mind. It also helps you focus and avoid distractions further.

  • Split tasks into multiple chunks: it is very frustrating and stressful to complete the entire project in one sitting, especially when it is known that the project is complicated. Splitting projects into smaller tasks prevents early burnout. Each task must be divided into 45-minute work sessions.

  • Start working on the most important task first, and work on that task for 45 minutes straight, without any distractions. With each 45-minute session, your productivity will decrease. Therefore it is important to focus on the most important task first and finish it off by working for 45 minutes straight.

Note: Multitasking is a myth - No human mind is capable of multitasking. Focus on one task or only one workflow at any given time.

You must utilize these 45 minutes straight before moving on to the next step,

Step 4. Take a Break - 10 - 20 minutes

When you're done with a 40 - 45 minutes working duration, it's time for you to take a break. You should have to take a break even if you don't feel tired or stressed out.

The reason for taking a break is to recharge your batteries and revitalize yourself. So that you can focus on the next task/45min work session with full strength. This will also help prevent any burnout caused by too much work at once.

It's important to take breaks because our brains need time away from work, etc. It needs time to rest and process all of the information it has gathered.

During the break, try not to check any social media sites because it wastes time and reduces productivity. Instead, use the 10 - 20 minutes of break time for activities to relax your body. This will also help prevent interruptions that happen throughout your day at the office without distracting you from getting back on track.

To make this break more favorable, you should take these two steps;
  • Switch your environment: One of the best ways to recharge your body is by changing your environment. You can do this by getting up and taking a walk outside, you could also go for a coffee break with colleagues or even stay in the same room. But in end, you should change positions like sitting on another chair or standing, etc. This will help you get a better focus on your work and will prevent feelings of boredom that might happen if you just sit in the same place. Taking a walk can also help you clear your head and get rid of any distractions that might be creeping inside it. This way, when you return to your desk, they won't interfere with what needs to be done next.

  • Drink some water: Drinking water is another way to recharge your body. You should drink at least one glass of room temperature or warm water before returning back to work. This will help you relax and get rid of the fatigue that happens after a long, tiring day in the office. Drinking enough fluids also helps prevent headaches that can happen if you're dehydrated during the day.

Step 5. Repeat

Start back from Step 3 and repeat the process, again and again, and keep achieving more in work. Keep taking 15-minute breaks after every 45-minute work session - it will help you maintain focus throughout your day at the office, without feeling overwhelmed by everything that there is to do.

It's important that you don't ever skip the 15 min break after having 40 - 45 minutes of work, as it reduces productivity and will make you feel exhausted over time, which also could lead to burnout. So avoid this from happening by taking breaks and repeating the process.

And there you have it, the easy, down-to-basics of - how to get more work done in 1 hour than what most people would in a day. you might wonder if this "productivity formula" is so simple, and common sense and yet we do not follow it. Unfortunately, due to the rapid and dynamic changes in our economy, we have lost our "Work discipline" and we are forced to work for long and tiring hours. We also spend hours in traffic each day on a commute to and from home. Each day of work has become a drag, holding on only to survive and support your loved ones.

It is time for you to break that routine.

Follow these simple steps as we have shown you above, and become more productive at your workplace. Save hours of your precious Life by working smarter and better. these simple steps of discipline will trim your routine work by an average of 2-3 Hours. If done properly, it might even get you extra "days OFF" as you would have already completed all your monthly work. Maybe, you would be able to justify a better wage or be able to leave work early. Maybe even spend more time with your loved ones. Now it is all up to you, to choose to be the better you.

Thank you for reading!

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