Range-Saving & Battery Tips

Buying the right EV for your lifestyle is the BEST range-saving tip that anybody can offer. Knowing which Ev to buy, what is your personal lifestyle & what are your driving patterns - is all necessary to understand if a particular model of EV will work for you.

If you have already bought an EV, then here are some tips that can help you drive more:-

  • Battery degradation is real - do not charge to 100% as it significantly reduces the battery range.

Note: newer 2022 tesla models 3 and Y are equipped with LFP batteries that can be charged to 100% without any problems, check with the Tesla service center if your car is equipped with the newer LFP battery

  • Over time TESLA tires often lose pressure due to extreme heat. Set tire pressure to the manufacturer's recommendation(labeled on the driver's door hinge). Check often and re-adjust as necessary. Tire pressure should never exceed the pressure labeled on the side wall(of the tire) when they become hot.

  • Use driving > chill mode as much as possible, especially on long trips. (Range mode for Model X and Model S)

  • Always park in shade - the car will automatically start cooling the batteries & consume the battery when it gets too hot.

  • Drafting on highways can significantly increase battery range. Drafting means driving behind cars at a minimum safe distance. Doing so reduces air resistance for the car and increases range. Use Autopilot with minimum distance and drive behind other cars. This tip is really useful when your battery is very low. (beware not to tailgate).

  • Use regen braking to the maximum. Learn one pedal driving, understand the speeds of roads, and drive the car as much as you can with regen braking only. Learn to use the car without any physical brakes

  • Always "navigate" to the supercharger - use the tesla navigation for every trip with your tesla and always charge as recommended.

These tips should be able to squeeze a few KM's out of your EV. Remember, these tips can only do so much. The biggest battery consumer in your E.V is the Air conditioning system - which means you need to install Roof Shades for MODEL 3 & Roof Shades for MODEL Y. The Best advice is to get the E.V that matches your lifestyle - so you would never need any range-saving tip! Have questions about deciding which E.V. to buy? Comment down below and we will help you choose the right E.V for FREE Next Blog Post: TESLA long term maintenance

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