Flat Foot - Common Causes & Possible Solutions

Updated: Aug 25

A flat foot is a physical deformity in which the natural arches present below the feet (on the bigger toe side) are lost. Generally called fallen arches, pea planus, and pronated foot, this condition causes the soles of the feet to be in direct or very near direct contact with the ground.

The arches of our feet play an important role in overall weight-bearing and posture maintenance. The spring-like action of these curves or arches acts as a shock absorber and uniform weight distributor, especially during running, jumping, or other physical activities.

  • Congenital - This condition may be congenital due to hereditary causes. It generally runs in families, and the patients in childhood or early adolescence present with painless and mobile flat feet. However, it is most commonly seen in children and progresses over time with age. The severity and discomfort associated with the issue also increase.

  • Acquired - It can also develop later in life due to several reasons, including degeneration of the iliotibial tendon, arthritis, or post-traumatic deformity can also be responsible.

Causes of Flat Foot

Each of our feet contains 26 bones. These are arranged in a highly intricate and organized manner, ensuring functional uniformity. However, a tallus bone ( present inside your ankle joint) is extremely mobile and can easily be dislodged out of the alignment. For easier understanding, you can assume a bridge of stones stacked from the ground above. Any stone dislodged causes the deformation of the whole bridge. This is what the tallus typically causes in the case of a flat foot.

If left unattended, it can cause severe pain, deformity of the ankle joint, and hence degenerative inflammation within all joints of the feet. Hence it is important not to overlook this issue, especially when it causes significant discomfort and problem.

Solution for Knee and Heel Pain Flat Foot Problem

Having continuous or intermittent knee pain is certainly gut-wrenching since it restricts you in so many ways. BIOSIS arc support is the solution to this taxing issue. It acts as a crutch for your joints.

Biosis A1 SuperX Tough is an anti-flat-foot cushion made to adjust according to your feet size. It acts as a shock-absorber and stress-reliever, especially on the heels. The breathable fabric has an extra cushion effect and can be cut according to your shoe size. It is adjustable in all kinds of shoes providing the utmost comfort and long-term relief for flat feet.

Do you have better home remedies for foot pain? let us know in the comments!

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