Every Day Driving & Charging Efficiency

Planning your journey is an essential part of having an EV and making this a habit is the best tip I can offer. Use the TESLA Trip planner - add all the points in your trip at every drive of your car and charge at all the stations accordingly. Do not charge longer than recommended charge time, as it will waste a lot of your precious time & other tesla friends too. The scenario is to have your EV charge overnight, then be able to complete your entire day with a 60% - 40% charge, and then return back home with at least a 20% charge. this 20% is reserved in case of an emergency drive.

  • Download plug share application - Find out everyday routes (work and leisure) and ensure you have good working chargers en route for unforeseen emergencies or long days. These en-route chargers must only be used as a backup in case your home or work charging fails someday(not as everyday chargers.)

  • Download ABRP application - Enter your car details and ensure your everyday work route can be completed with home charging ONLY, starting at 80% charge, if NOT, again, don't get an EV - you will regret it. Remember, using more than 80% makes your battery range lower and lower every day.

  • Get DEWA EV Charging card/App - You will need this card to access public chargers in Dubai. you can scan the QR code on any of the charging stations to download the app.

  • Get Green Parking Card - Green parking is a private company that owns multiple green parking spots around the U.A.E, their card is required to use their electric chargers.

Get the TESLA console organizer from Biosis Retail, this console organizer will keep your car tidy and clean.

Here are some good charging habits to adopt for a smooth experience:

  • Tesla has its own charging guide on its website. Their advice is to charge between 90% to 20% and not go below 20% unless you really have to.

  • Optimum charging schedule: Charge to 70% for everyday driving, and 50% when you will not use the car or are storing the car. Charge to 80% on weekends or day outs. Only charge to 100% when you absolutely need the full capacity and drive immediately after charging.

Note newer 2022 tesla models 3 and Y are equipped with LFP batteries that can be charged to 100% without any problems, check with the Tesla service center if your car is equipped with the newer LFP battery.

  • Always remain plugged in with a 3-pin socket - Your Tesla battery needs to be plugged in every day, every time it’s parked. this ensures the longevity of the 12V & high voltage batteries in your car. You can connect to any 3-pin wall socket all over U.A.E & charge for free! just check and ask permission from the security or owner for the same.

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