Delivery day tips & first-time driving

Your long-awaited tesla has finally arrived. The sales lady has informed you that your vehicle is ready for collection.

Here are the delivery tips to make your driving experience even better

When taking delivery of your new vehicle, do a full vehicle inspection. Some things to look for include:

  • Panel gaps

  • Steering misalignment

  • Paint issues on doors and trunk edges

  • Trunk misalignment gaps

  • Window and door rubber seal issues

  • Bumps and general condition

Inform the delivery personnel as soon you notice these issues and arrange for repair or book a Tesla service appointment through the app.

Also, check the supplied Tesla charging cable and ensure you have a 3-pin socket. DO NOT accept any other 2-pin plug - it is not U.A.E. standard and will burn out! Tesla will swap a 2-pin plug for a 3-pin free of charge on request - just ask immediately.

Before You Start Driving

There are a few things you can do before starting up your new vehicle to avoid potential issues and unnecessary maintenance. Here is a couple:

  • Go settings. Set COP to NO AC.

  • Ensure you use AC with interior re-circulation only.

These 2 tips will avoid the hassle of changing the HVAC filter every 2 months(however, you should replace the filter every summer). Also, remember not to use the FAN button on the Tesla app as this turns on AC without air re-circulation. Use only the climate control button.

  • Go to settings > driving > autopilot and review all the safety features that are enabled or disabled before driving.

After You Get your Delivery

Open the Tesla map and go to the nearest supercharger. Charge to 80% - we will talk about why later. Superchargers are all free as long as you have your account set up.

A big part of ensuring a trouble-free Tesla experience relates to charging and range awareness. If this is your first time owning an electric vehicle and you are not fully familiar with these concepts, the following tips should help you.

Install Biosis Screen Protector - This Screen protector is the toughest and will allow you to be more comfortable with your TESLA Screen. It Can save you from 9000AED of repair.( installation guide is linked at the end)

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