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One Click Return


Your Return process has been started, Please wait for 2 days for the Courier to arrive at your delivery address registered.

Every Biosis Retail Product is Free to Try for 30 Days. We take our product back within 30 days in case you change your mind.

Return Eligibility :

  • The product must not be damaged

  • Product packaging must be intact

Preferred Pick up Time: Time of the day you will most likely be available for the return (we cannot guarantee our delivery partner will make this time)

Return Process : 

  1. Enter the OrderID and tap submit

  2. The delivery partner will pick up your order within 2 days

  3. Full/partial refund depending on the damage of the product within 7-14 Business Days.

  4. Refund will be provided through Cash/Bank transfer/refund to creditcard/debit card

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